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How to design a seamless pattern for fabric printing

Flamingos took over women’s clothing and accessories. This lean, pink bird with a long neck is a symbol of summer fun, and because of that, you can often see it on swimsuits, beach essentials or summer dresses. Creating a unique garment that will be in accordance with current trends will be possible with fabrics printed on demand. In our catalogue, you will be able to easily find a print that suits all your needs.

Flamingo printed fabric – get ready for the summer!

All the pink amateurs fell in love with this print, but it didn’t take long for the entire world to go crazy about flamingos. Thin legs, long, s-shaped neck and stunning, pink feathers – although the description does not do this amazing bird justice, certainly everyone could immediately tell what feathered creature we had in mind.

The popularity of t-shirts, bags or shoes with flamingo printed fabric grows with great speed, especially during warmer months. If you still don’t own any flamingo printed pieces in your wardrobe it is time to change it! When you look for feminine, summery accessories, choose fabrics with bold and saturated colours. If you want to bring flamingo print into colder seasons choose a pattern that is more muted. Such print can easily be paired with any outfit, no matter the season.

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