Minimalist Japanese-inspired furniture

Designing seamless patterns is a very interesting skill – it allows you to create totally personalised garments – not only in terms of a cut, but also a handmade pattern! Are you ready to become an artist and print your own unique pattern on sewing fabric? Here you’ll find out how to design a seamless pattern for fabric printing!

There are different ways of pattern designing. You can use Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics or just like we do, use Photoshop. We’ll show you how to create your pattern for sewing fabric and prepare a file for printing. You can upload such an image into the CottonBee application and print it on sewing fabric!


Normally, when you buy clothes or sewing fabrics, you pay attention to their composition or country of origin. Whether the textile you are going to buy has any certificate of quality is just as important as its composition. Nowadays, you…

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