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A Witch’s Keyword. Simply click get now attain entry to the next records:

A Witch’s Keyword. Simply click get now attain entry to the next records:

Years back, your ended up selling the first produced to a witch. But with the current online dating records, it doesn’t appear to be she’s going to end up being getting the lady steal any time soon. Therefore the witch has actually agreed to assist you in finding a suitable people to subside with. Will you select the sweet character, the confident creator, or the brooding bladesmith? And are usually these actually your own best choice?

This atmospheric text-based adventure features unique images and soundtracks for every route, and four various endings (these obtainable without much repetition).

Expect a strange witch, fun selections at least one stopping that dried leaves you questioning the options.



I wonder if you will see an adaptation with a male mc

this is another thing, we absolutely adore it.

Oh that has been great!

aww that was great!

it was outstanding

i just like exactly how it was composed and how you can hit specific keywords also terms and conditions are expose :(((( this is so that special, very worthwhile >

Ya learn I absolutely enjoyed Elias much together with closing I’d with your.

It’s hard to read.

Basically close, it is remarkable

oh my goodness just how adorable the secret lesbian ending really love that

Could use a different font their difficult to see clearly.

woah. We wear t generally look over VNs, but woah. Fantastic writing

I like this plenty, its genuinely gorgeous in most ways imaginable

anything about lesbian witch sex yeah!

awww i got the most adorable finishing actually ever.


I prefer the starting-screen’s background-colour, font/size and colors there. (in addition the suggestions on fullscreen-mode & itch’s connected option) in addition to that this online game’s found in web browser is cool also. btw: I’m playing it on a win8.1-laptop, utilizing a basilisk-browser . in case for understanding on which products it could function better / considerably amazing / talking about feasible mistakes / etc.

clicking “starting”.uhm, that audio ended up being too noisy for the reason that my unit’s prev. manipulations, while a main-screen’s resources like: includes sound & testbutton/volume-settings could well be chosen here.

music.appears okay, in person it is quite too fast and way too much looped in instuments. I guess playing it within muted loss in web browser is my choice for now, while I primarily perform games muted in general. This kind of close acoustic could appear too “adventure”-themed than installing to book which may get a bit for learning, replying by ticks, etc.

What differs those right-arrow icons because of the highlighted words within the story?

Could the arrows be an option for e.g. vision/colour-“blind”-users, so they really know how to noonswoon coupons move around and never have to identify the precise term for pressing?

“let’s find a man”-paragraph.Until this lines I’ve noticed that those arrows made an appearance, I’ve clicked all of them as opposed to the marked keywords up until now. I prefer your options various type and 3 selectable variety.

“blacksmith”.New history looks cool, while white on redish-blue . could compliment better e.g. if making use of a black font, I guess? Those feasible replies are way easier in book for studying, no less than when I prefer them in visuals. Hanging for shows in responses looks cool, in green . I’d choose possibly a more blue-ish colour?

mouse-pointer’s position:It might possibly be cool if e.g. responses wont turn my pointer for the “hand”-icon, even though the concerns were turning it into a “text”-defined common cursor. Think about a custom picture e.g. as single letter (initial?) with the picked man e.g. making reference to blacksmith / bookbinder / an such like. sentences indeed there, while as png its background could possibly be possibly set-to clear also, i suppose. Could take a look cool e.g. if using a letter with shadow-effect?

btw: just what captures my personal interest had been the title and banner-pic, also it’s a browsergame & it may be about miraculous qualities.

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