Like bronies, they can be put into two classes

Like bronies, they can be put into two classes

1. The homophobic anti brony. These people detest the fanbase since they believe the program should simply be for little girls and bash upon whoever loves they for being “gay” “autistic” and that is not even the worst regarding insults. In terms of intelligence, they have been the same from rabid bronies, and must not be given serious attention.

2. the actual anti bronies i am within class. These folks don’t have any challenge with the tv series. Her complications sits making use of immature fanbase from it. They detest most bronies as a result of them shoving the tv series to the face, and hating united states regarding sliver quantity of negativity we put on their particular ‘work of ways.’ which is completely hypocritical because they usually inform us to ignore whenever we see our favorite content being spammed by ponies. Seem, bronies, we never ever stated you can’t observe the tv show. We are grateful that people were seeing various series whilst produces assortment, but that does not mean you may be these types of focus looking for trolls.

Different Anti Brony 1. Omg dis showz gayz n any1 woo liekz they iz homosexual. Wach guys stuf u faggotts!!1!1!1!one!

2. is it possible to bronies grow up? Why cannot you’re taking our very own advice, for fuck purpose? Do not just like the program, okay?

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