Pastor Undresses And Kiss Women Church Customers Ass At Seashore

Pastor Undresses And Kiss Women Church Customers Ass At Seashore


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So, have you been saying my personal home-based goat is far more smart than some people? Because, I’m sure for certain it cant be seduced by this kind of prank.

Definitely Oga Harris,your goat is more intelligent and wise than these rotten heads.Even the most foolish sheep is most effective off than them.May God punish the pastor for providing embarrassment to His identity,and may He increase His punishment on these fat heads for accepting heresy without confirming the reality.

God stated are available as you are but that rite truth be told there..but not to take in the forrbined fruits,i indicate ass..sick..

Goodness mentioned come butt your,are but that rite around,he said to not consume the forrbiden friut,for the a sin,i mean butt..smh.

“taking heresy without verifying the facts..” hahahaha ..sorry that just reminds me personally of a specific group of hypocrites.

which church n what exactly is d pastors identity. pple n fake reports.

I love big butts and I also can not sit.

That is madness men!

CKN i do believe you have got gone atomic because i simply can not end laughing.These Pastors needless to say understand weakness of these women and additionally they simply made a decision to simply take opportunities over them.There is actually goodness o-o .

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